Islam               Session five

Item #3, bullet #2 of Outline:  Allah


Prior to Muhammad’s receiving revelations and establishing the religion of Islam, the god, Allah, was one of hundreds of gods revered by the various tribes of Arabia.  In fact, Muhammad’s tribe, the Quraysh, paid homage to Allah, the moon god.  That Allah and his spouse, the sun goddess, produced three daughters. (#18, P. 22)


It is not unreasonable to believe that this pre-Islam Allah had some connection to the Allah of Islam as revealed to Muhammad.  But the Allah of Islam was, and is, infinitely superior to the Allah of the pagan tribes of Arabia.


Sura 112 of the Koran (The Koran is the holy book of Islam.  It contains 114 Sura’s which are similar to chapters of a book.  The Koran will be covered in more detail under the fourth bullet of item three.) describes Allah in Allah’s own words.  According to Allah, Allah is:

  •  The One and Only God,
  •  The only One to Whom worship is due,
  •  Eternal – Allah has no beginning and no end, He existed before the earth was formed,
  •  Monotheistic –  There is only Allah; no Father, Son or Holy Spirit,
  •  Without Equal – There is nothing equal to Allah


Sura 5 makes it very clear that Muslims are not to ask questions about their faith because, in the past, some people did and they lost their faith.  This is Allah, Himself, forbidding questions.


Also, in Sura 5, Allah states that the penalty for waging war against Allah and Muhammad is death or mutilation.  Waging war includes verbal warfare such as insulting  Islam, Allah or Muhammad; no criticism is tolerated (this will be discussed further under Item 3, bullet #6; Shariah Law).


Allah decrees, in Sura 3:28, that believers are not to make friends of unbelievers; and, in Sura 3:32, that He does not love unbelievers.


Sura 8:39 is Allah’s declaration of war on all unbelievers: “And fight them until persecution is no more, and religion is all for Allah.”


After discussing the nature of Allah as described in the Koran and citing Kenneth Cragg’s inciteful  summary of the Koran, Serge Trifkovic states it well:  “The entire world is by definition obedient to Allah and his laws. The whole creation must be in a state of Islam – submission to Allah – to be itself.  (#18, P. 66).


There is only one way for the entire world to be in submission to Allah and, as we shall see, it is not a peaceful way. The world has discovered that a God who demands that his word not be questioned and who declares war on all unbelievers  is a force capable of horrific acts committed in pursuit of its goals.


The next session will begin with bullet #3 of item #3 of the outline:  Muhammad the Prophet