Current news headlines repeatedly report the horrific acts of ISIS and Boko Haram as they destroy and slaughter in the Middle East and Africa.  The common thread of ISIS and Boko Haram is their openly proclaimed allegiance to Allah and Islam.  What is Islam?  Who was Muhammad?  What is the Koran?  Where does Allah fit into all of this?  Unfortunately, our schools teach nothing of substance about Islam and our politicians  and news media refer to Islam as the “Religion of Peace” and only politically correct references to Islam are tolerated, spoken or printed. In order to bring understanding to the reader of the true nature of Islam and answer the above and other related questions;  Let Freedom Ring Forever (“LFRF”) will devote its blog for the next several sessions to the subject of Islam.  The presentation will consist of approximately 10 sections which will cover the origins of Islam, the history of Islam, the basic tenets of Islam, the status of women in Islam, Muslim-Infidel relations, Islam and the USA and more. The presentation will be factual, and will draw on sources such as:

  • The Koran (several spelling for the holy book of Islam are found in the literature – I have chosen to use this spelling because, in my opinion, it is phonetically correct for English language rendering);
  • The Hadith – The saying and acts of Muhammad;
  • More than 20 books and magazine articles whose authors are Islamic experts;
  • Common Knowledge sources such as almanacs, encyclopedias and internet sites.

Suras (“chapters”) and verses from the Koran; and volume, book and number of the Hadith will be cited as appropriate to the subject matter.  The Hadiths which are cited come from the most reliable collection which was compiled by Al-Bukhari in the ninth century AD. (#15, pp. 45-46) When using information from a book or magazine, it will be cited with reference to the bibliography provided for the presentation.  For example:  The dhimma (treaty of protection), may be granted to the conquered “People of the Book”. (#2, p. 81)   This statement of fact can be traced to page 81 of the book; “Religion of Peace?” by Gregory Davis. If a statement is based on common knowledge, no citation will be made. For example:  Muhammad was born in 570 AD.  This is common knowledge and can be found in hundreds of books, almanacs and encyclopedias.  No citation will be made for this fact. Once a week I will begin a segment with a brief listing of Islam’s latest contributions to “peace” as published by the website, Consider the above and the following to be the first segment of “Islam.” Islam’s contributions to peace from the religion of website for the current week:

  • 3/2/15: (al-Baghdadi, Iraq) – ISIS send shells into a home, killing a woman and 2 children.
  • 3/2/15: (Bosso, Niger) – Boko Haram member burn down a village and murder 2 fishermen.
  • 3/2/15: (Baga, Nigeria) – Two men are beheaded on video by Islamists.
  • 3/2/15: (Cairo, Egypt) – Two civilians standing outside a courtroom are obliterated by an Islamist bomb.
  • 3/2/15: (Jalalabad, Afghanistan) – Two children are killed by Holy Warrior bombers.

The next segment will begin with item number one of the outline:  Islam Today – Overview