Islam and the USA: Terrorist Training Camps in the USA

Islam     Session Thirty-Four

Item #7:  Bullet 4 of outline:  Islam and the USA:  Terrorist Training Camps in the USA

The very title of this segment, “Terrorist Training Camps in the USA”, should be an oxymoron.  How can it be?  Certainly, any terrorist training camps existing in America would be known by the government and would be eliminated after a very short life.  Unfortunately, they have existed for decades and the government has no intention of eliminating them.

These camps have been established by the Pakistan-based jihad terrorist group Jamaat al-Fuqra (sometimes spelled as “ul-Fuqra” and “Al-Fuqra”) under the leadership of Muburak Gilani, a Pakistani sheikh.  Gilani came to America in 1980 and formed “Muslims of the Americas” (MOA) as a front group for Jamaat al-Fuqra. 

Robert Spencer, author of several books on Islam, revealed that in 2006 the Department of Justice reported that there were more than 35 of these camps spread throughout America with more than 3,000 members.  (Whistleblower Magazine 18 12 December, 2009: 15-16)

These terrorist training camps were first established in American in the 1980’s and by the early 1990’s the camps had conflicts with the law.

According to a posting on the World Net Daily (WND) website: (

  • “In 1991 . . . a nearly 45-acre compound about 70 miles south of Dallas was raided.  . . . Federal officials found four mobile homes; three military, general-purpose tents; and six vehicles.  Also discovered were loose ammunition, books on counter-terrorism techniques and weaponry and various items with “Jamaat Fuqra Land” written on them.”
  • “Another compound in Buena Vista, Colorado, was raided and shut down by state authorities in 1992.”
  • “A 2007 FBI record states that members of the group have been involved in a least 10 murders, one disappearance, three firebombings, one attempted firebombing, two explosive bombings and one attempted bombing.” ’The documented propensity for violence by this organization supports the belief the leadership of the MOA extols membership to pursue a policy of jihad, or holy war, against individuals or groups it considers enemies of Islam, which includes the U.S. Government,’ the document states. The document also says Muslims of America is now ‘an autonomous organization which possesses an infrastructure capable of planning and mounting terrorist campaigns overseas and within the U.S.’  (Writer’s comment:  Standing alone, this portion of the FBI document should have been sufficient for the government to intervene and eliminate the camps.)
  • Pam Geller, author of “Stop the Islamization of America”, has followed the Muslim terrorist training camps since 2007. Among her many revelations about the camps is that most of the recruits in these camps are African-Americans who converted to Islam while imprisoned.  The Muslims have honored her efforts over the years by issuing a death fatwa in 2015.
  • “In a recruitment video captured from Gilani’s ‘Soldiers of Allah,’ Gilani states: ‘We are fighting to destroy the enemy.  We are dealing with evil at its roots and its roots are America.’ “

The counter jihad website of 9/20/2015 ( posted an insightful article by Carol Brown concerning the Muslim terrorist training camps.  Following are excerpts from that article:  (

  • As of this writing, states where MOA has set up shop are: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, New York, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, and West Virginia.
  • “In some states there is more than one location. New York’s ‘Islamburg’ (located in the town of Hancock) is the largest operation and serves as the headquarters.
  • The Christian Action Network (CAN) was cited as an organization that, in addition to the FBI, has investigated and exposed the Muslim terrorist training camps. Following are excerpts from two of CAN’s reports:
    • “MOA trains men, and women, to become jihadists poised to attack Americans when Gilani gives the order.”
    • Recruits receive weapons training and other means of attack such as slitting throats and strangulation.
    • Sharia Law is enforced in the camps to the disregard of local, state and federal law.
    • “Welfare fraud is rampant as children are urged to commit crimes against non-Muslims and to engage in scams, including welfare fraud and drug-related crimes.”
    • Discipline in the camps is ruthless, including beatings for breaking rules; women are routinely raped and children are physically abused.

The Muslim terrorist training camp of Islamberg (noted above) in upstate New York is a case in point.  The camp is a 70 acre paramilitary compound in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains between the villages of Deposit and Hancock.  The camp and its activities are described in a 6/26/2013 article on the Prepper Project website based on a visit to the camp by a NewsMax team of investigators.  ( Excerpts from that article follow:

  • At the entrance an African-American dressed in Muslim garb instructs them to leave, as “Our community is not open to visitors.”
  • “It is home to hundreds – all in Islamic attire, and all African-Americans.”
  • “Nearly every weekend, neighbors hear the sound of gunfire. . . . None of the neighbors wished to be identified for fear of ‘retaliation’. . . . ‘They own the mountain and they know it and there is nothing we can do about it but move, and we can’t even do that. Who wants to buy a property near that.’ “
  • “ ‘If you go there, you better wear body armor,’ a customer at the Circle E Diner in Hancock said.  ‘They have armed guards and if they shoot you, nobody will find your body.’ “

In that same Prepper Project posting, a raid on a Muslim terrorist training camp in Colordo was reported.  The raid was conducted in 1989 on a compound in Colorado Springs.  A veritable treasure trove of terrorist weapons were discovered, including; handguns, semi-automatic weapons, explosives and pipe bombs.  Also found were materials required to produce fake identifications including blank birth certificates, bogus Social Security cards, sets of Colorado drivers’ licenses and Guerilla Warfare manuals.

Assuming the terrorist training camps described above are typical, the 22 to 35 known camps are training thousands of Muslim terrorists dedicated to imposing Islam, with its Sharia Law, on the United States.

We have seen it before (Sessions 27,29-31) and we see it again – the Muslim Brotherhood spreading its hate and discontent through one of its directly, or indirectly, created organizations.  Sheik Gilani has been linked to Al Qaeda and  the Muslim Brotherhood and has stated his goal is to “purify Islam through violence.”  (#12. P. 140)

Despite the documentary evidence of the existence of these camps, their jihad training of potential Muslim terrorists and their close ties to MOA, the U.S. State Department has not listed MOA as a terrorist organization.

Martin Mawyer authored the book, “Twilight in America”, which is an in-depth expose of  Jamaat al-Fuqra, Muburak Gilani and the Muslim  terrorist training camps they have established.  In the book, Mr. Mawyer describes the connection between The Muslim Brotherhood, Jamaat al-Fuqra, Al Qaeda, MOA and Gilani – a deadly network of Muslim organizations dedicated to taking over American and the entire world.  Selected excerpts from Mr. Mawyer’s book follow:

  • The slaughter of the Hindu Bakharwal shepherds of Kashmir, India is related as an example of the “Religion of Peace” practitioners’ brutalities when they take-over a territory. For years these shepherds and their families, living in a village in the Kashmir Valley had been harassed by Muslim terrorists.  The terrorists harassed, taxed and brutalized these people including the repeated rapes of their women.  When the Bakharwals decided to defend their homes and families, they paid the price.  In February of 1981 the entire population of the village was slaughtered, including seven children as young as age four. (#12, PP. 53-54)
  • In 2002 the “Beltway Snipers” terrorized an area of Maryland when they killed eleven and wounded three innocent Americans. Mawyer clearly describes the Snipers’ connections with Jamaat al-Fuqra, MOA, and (by their origin), the Muslim Brotherhood. Inexplicably, even after their capture, the press never disclosed their connections to Muslim terrorist organizations.  (#12, PP. 87-90) This is another example of Muslim terrorist acts passed off as “unrelated” to Islam or any Muslim organization. 
  • Further evidence of the MOA’s and Muslim Brotherhood’s involvement with the Muslim terrorist training camps is the Muslim Brotherhood’s ownership of a “church” on the Hancock, NY compound which is owned and operated by MOA. (#12, P. 137)
  • An employee of the Colorado Department of Labor, Susan Fenger, spent two years investigating members of a Colorado MOA camp who were suspected of scamming the state’s welfare system. After gathering incriminating evidence she obtained grand jury indictments and led a raid on the camp where arrests were made. “ Fenger also learned that the CIA and FBI were both separately investigating MOA and its Al-Fuqra connections but were told to back off by the Clinton Administration . . .  .”  (#12, P.  229)  As a “reward” for her investigative work and the resulting prosecutions, Sheikh Gilani placed a $50,000 bounty on her head!

It is baffling that these camps are allowed to exist.  There have been no raids on them since the 1990’s.  Fear of being labeled racist or Islamophobe, actual fear, fear of offending Pakistan (an “ally” of America) or complicity is preventing their elimination.  Whatever the excuse, this “hands off” attitude is putting America to sleep on the issue of an Islamic threat and is giving the Muslim terrorists great confidence in their ultimate victory.  In this writer’s opinion, the lack of action against the camps amounts to criminal negligence.

Next session we shall begin a discussion of Islam and Israel.